Collection: 地藏法会 Ksitigarbha Dharma Assembly

农历七月,是华人千百年来祭祖超荐并与无主孤魂、冤亲债主广结善缘的时节。本林为方便广大信众,特于农历七月初一至七月卅日举行一个月超荐法会。法会期间将恭请六和戒德僧伽领众,每日恭诵《地藏菩萨本愿经》、《金刚经》、《阿弥陀经》、礼拜《地藏宝忏》、敬设《瑜伽焰口甘露斛食》。 法会专设往生牌位超荐祖先、冤亲债主、婴灵、十方法界无主孤魂等。欢迎广大善信随喜参加,共沐佛恩!

For thousands of years, the seventh month of the lunar calendar has been a time for Chinese to worship their ancestors and form good ties with lonely souls and karmic creditors. For the convenience of believers, a one-month ceremony will be held from the first day to the 30th day of the seventh lunar month. During the Dharma assembly, we respectfully invite the Sangha to recite: "Original Vows of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Sutra", "Diamond Sutra", "Amitabha Sutra", " Ksitigarbha Treasure Repentance", and provide "Yogacara Ulka-mukha Food Offering".

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