Collection: 佛事 Prayers and Offerings

“佛”,在梵文意为“觉悟者”。佛事是指一切信佛、学佛、弘扬佛德,乃至所有善事及利益众生离苦得乐之事。在《华严经》中,佛曰:“大地众生,皆具如来智慧德相,但因妄想执着,而不能证得。” 因此,我们了解众生本来就有佛性,但因妄想和执着而无法找回本性。佛事是自利利他,不但利益众生,而且能成为自身广种福田、曾长智慧、修行成道的资粮。

The term "Buddha" means "enlightened one" in Sanskrit. Dharma activities refer to all those who believe in Buddhism, to learn Buddhism, to promote Buddhism, as well as all good deeds and things that liberate sentient beings from sufferings and achieve happiness.

"Avatamsaka Sutra" teaches that all sentient have Buddha nature. The purest nature of all sentient beings is the  Buddha-nature, and all have the potential become Buddhas. Buddhist practices are self-benefiting and altruistic. They not only benefit all sentient beings, but can also become a source for one to cultivate a wide field of blessings, gain wisdom, and achieve enlightenment through practice.