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往生牌位 Deceased Tablet - Ksitigarbha

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Setting up a tablet for the deceased is a way of transcendence for the deceased to be reborn in the pure land of Amitabha. During pujas, tablets are set up for ancestors, deceased parents and love ones, sharing with them the merits from the rituals. This form of transcendent rituals for the ancestors, not only benefits them, but the living descendants.

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    往生牌位 Deceased Tablet - Ksitigarbha
    往生牌位 Deceased Tablet - Ksitigarbha
    往生牌位 Deceased Tablet - Ksitigarbha

    How to fill in

    • Example

      If you buy a Deceased Tablet for a deceased grandfather, deceased grandmother, deceased father elder brother, deceased father elder brother's wife, deceased father. Kindly fill in as follow:

      Deceased Name (highest seniority): Grandfather's name
      Deceased Name (2nd highest seniority): Grandmother's name
      Deceased Name (3rd highest seniority): Father Elder Brother's name
      Deceased Name (4th highest seniority): Father Elder Brother Wife's name
      Decreased Name (5th highest seniority): Father's name

      *Optional to fill up all 6 names if you do not have them.

    • 例子

      如果您为已故祖父,已故祖母,已故大伯,已故大伯母,已故父亲 购买往生牌位. 填写的顺序如下: