Collection: 万佛法会 Ten Thousand Buddhas Dharma Assembly


The Lodge will hold a 14-day Ten Thousand Buddhas Dharma Assembly. Receiving these majestic and excellent meritorious virtues, wishing especially for world peace, prosperity for the nation, favourable weather, and the people's safety and health. Also relying on the Buddha's power, so that those living can increase in blessings and extend life, eliminate calamities with auspiciousness, and with prayers for the deceased, to together be reborn in Pure Land.

During the Dharma Assembly, there will be prostrating to the Ten Thousand Buddhas' Great Names' Treasure Repentance Text, and offerings with the Yogacara Ulka-mukha, and setting up of tablets to help deliver ancestors, karmic creditors, deceased infants and wandering spirits of the ten directions, by guiding them to be reborn in Pure Land. There will also be setting up of tablets for eliminating calamities and extending life, with prayers for blessing the whole family with auspiciousness, safety and health.

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