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药师法门属汉传佛教里大众较为熟悉之一。此法门中的《药师琉璃光如来本愿功德经》记载药师如来即因地发十二大愿,愿助众生离苦得乐。 逢农历九月药师琉璃光如来宝诞期间,本林常年《药师法会》以《药师琉璃光如来本愿功德经》和《药师忏》,以及《千佛宝忏》,方便阳上众生消灾延寿,福慧增长,身心安康。

The Medicine Buddha method is one of the more familiar in Mahayana Buddhism. The "Medicine Buddha Sutra" states the twelve great vows of the Medicine Buddha, to assist sentient beings in liberation from sufferings and achieve happiness. During the ninth month of the lunar calendar, our annual "Medicine Buddha Dharma Assembly" facilitates all living beings to eliminate disasters, extending lifespan, gaining of wisdom and good health through reciting practicing the texts such as "The Medicine Buddha Sutra", "Medicine Buddha Repentance", and as well as "Thousand Buddhas Repentance".

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