Collection: 华严法会 Avatamsaka Dharma Assembly

《华严经》 为经中之王,其卷轶浩繁,义理精深,非定慧力,非大因缘,非上善根,难以受持读诵,《华严》在处则正法在,《华严》在处则邪业远。因緣殊胜,本林特隆重举行“华严法会”,恭请六和僧伽领众,恭诵《大方广佛华严经》,敬设《瑜伽焰口甘露斛食》。供佛,斋供诸天,敬设消灾延生禄位、往生莲位、累劫冤亲债主、十方法界、超度婴灵牌位。欢迎十方善信前来报名参加,共沾法益。

As the king of sūtras, the Avataṃsaka Sūtra is a voluminous collection of profound Buddhist doctrines. If not with the power of concentration and wisdom, not with great causes and conditions, not with superior good roots, it is difficult to receive and recite it. Wherever this sūtra is, then will the Right Dharma be. Wherever this sūtra is, then will evil karmas be far away. With excellent causes and conditions, the Lodge will hold a grand Avataṃsaka Dharma Assembly, respectfully inviting the six harmonious Sangha to lead in recitation of the sūtra, and offering with the Yogacara Ulka-mukha. There will be offerings to the Buddha and heavenly beings, with respectful setting up of tablets for eliminating calamities and extending life, and for delivering accumulated kalpas' karmic creditors, deceased infants and beings of the ten directions for rebirth in Pure Land. Devotees are welcomed to register and participate, to benefit from the Dharma together.

Date: 25th Day of 4th Lunar Month to 16th Day of 5th Lunar Month, 1 - 21 June 2024, Level 5 Bhadrapala Hall